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At each stage of a project’s development the AN AVEL BRAZ team is led by the interests of all stakeholder.

The first major stage of a project involves identifying areas suitable for a wind farm and obtaining property rights with agreement from local elected representatives, as well as owners, operators and residents.

Then come the feasibility studies, which are carried out by the best independent experts in France, who we have been working with since 2004. These studies highlight the impact on the environment, local residents, biodiversity, landscape and heritage, and involve an acoustic analysis.

Administrative procedures are established using these studies and taking into account the various constraints emerging from them. These procedures range from applying for a building permits and holding public inquiries, through to the final delivery of a project.

The project development phase generally lasts for three years. This provides enough time to carry out quality studies that will then minimise environmental impact and ensure continued operation of the wind farm.

Analysis and Financial Engineering

An expert project structuring team based in London with experience in the financial markets is dedicated to modelling wind farms and obtaining financing for them.

The team selects the optimal turbines and their location on sites based on their analysis of wind data. At the same time, they also conduct an in-depth study of the various financial, technical, contractual, legal and regulatory parameters specific to each project in order to implement a financing plan that will guarantee the long-term viability of the wind farms.


AN AVEL BRAZ places particular emphasis on involving local companies when constructing its wind farms, whether they are in the Grand Est or Hauts-de-France region.

This choice means that AN AVEL BRAZ contributes to creating and maintaining 200 indirect jobs in the regions and further minimises its environmental impact. Together with the most experienced builders in the field, our company provides the highest quality installations and guarantees complete safety.

AN AVEL BRAZ is at the forefront when it comes to performance, so equips its wind farms with the best turbines on the market in order to achieve maximum optimal electricity production and increase the number of households powered by green energy.


A dedicated team of technicians and engineers in the Aube region can be called upon 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that our wind farms are operating smoothly.

All maintenance operations are carried out in the field, ranging from minor work on the machines to monitoring work on the wind turbines (turbine maintenance, torquing, half-yearly and annual checks, etc.) performed by external contractors, as well as regular environmental reports on new wind farms and works progress reports.

Our wind control engineers analyse the data from AN AVEL BRAZ wind farms on a daily basis. They retrieve and process information, study power curve analytics and model power consumption forecasts. Grid management and communications are handled by the same team in order to ensure optimum power delivery.