Our Company

AN AVEL BRAZ was established in 2004 with its main focus on pioneering spirit, awareness of sustainable development, and the belief that the future is – and will remain – open to energy solutions that protect human health and the environment.

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We wanted a name that reflected the values that drive us and what we have set out to do :

Promoting and exploiting wind energy.

Developing each project with the long-term in mind.

Fostering exchanges of perspective and factoring in the interests of all parties concerned in our operations.

With this in mind, we chose a name that is full of energy, with Celtic intonations that reflects what we stand for :
« AN AVEL BRAZ » means « the powerful wind » in Breton.

Our Operations

AN AVEL BRAZ is an independent company that has been established on the wind turbine market since 2004. We adopt an integrated approach that involves the development, financial engineering, construction, and operation and maintenance of every project.

Since 2014, AN AVEL BRAZ has financed, constructed and commissioned twelve wind farms. The 2nd largest wind power producer in the Grand Est region, AN AVEL BRAZ currently operates 400 MW, is building 100MW and has 380 MW under appraisal, thanks to a team of 25 people. In constant growth, the company plans to double its installed capacity by 2027.


Today, AN AVEL BRAZ represents 400 MW in operation and 128 wind turbines built.

In 2030, AN AVEL BRAZ will have 1,000 MW in operation, 260 wind turbines built and 2,700 GWh produced, equivalent to 1,175,000 homes supplied (excluding heating).

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Our Parners


AN AVEL BRAZ is constantly growing, so we are always on the lookout for new employees to join our team, both in development and operations. If you are interested, please send your CV and covering letter to :

Désolé, aucune offres d’emplois n’est disponible pour le moment.